Strengthening the Credibility of
Christian Education Institutions,
Colleges and Universities

University Accreditation Association for Christian Education Institutions

The University Accreditation Association is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization established for the purpose of validating institutions, colleges and universities that demonstrate the highest caliber of educational excellence, discipleship and innovation. The Accreditation Association is formed through the voluntary collaboration of educational institutions for the purpose of assuring quality, consistency and intrinsic value of its instruction and student preparedness.

Accreditation is awarded after reviewing educational institutions and their programs, for quality, biblical truths of their curriculum and the gifting and qualifications of their teachers and faculty. Accredited schools are resolute in their commitment to education and maturing of their students while maintaining a robust adherence to the Christian faith as set forth in the Association's Statement of Faith.


Traditional vs Non-Traditional Education

Many people who go to a college or university go on to live a perfectly happy life, obtaining everything they set out to accomplish. There are far too many, however, who go through years of college only to end up with a degree in a field unrelated to their career. We all know someone with a college degree from a good school but who don’t like their job or don’t have the pay they expected to receive when meeting with college and university counselors. And, there are some who never obtain a degree at all but go on to build wildly successful careers.

The key to “success” is not just obtaining a degree – it’s obtaining an education and doing something with that education. Some of the most accomplished people in the world are self-educated. Explore some of the differences between an education by traditional means, such as a college or university, and some non-traditional means, such as self-education or education outside your typical college or university school.