Membership with University Accreditation Association

Accrediting Commission Members

The Accrediting Commission consists of no fewer than 7 nor more than 11 members. At least 5 members of the Accrediting Commission must be from the public, unaffiliated with UAA membership.

Public Members

  1. Dr. Charlie Matlach, DDS
  2. Dr. Greg Linnebach, D. Min
  3. Joyce Ruane, M. Min

Affiliate Members

  1. Dr. Karen E Drake, TMD, D. Min
  2. Dr. Lance Wallnau, THD
  3. Rt. Lt. Gen. Dr. Jerry Boykin, D. Min
  4. Dr. John C. Corella

UAA Policy – Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility Requirements

Educational Programs:

The Commission may decline to evaluate an institution for status with the Commission if the institution’s mission or educational programs fall outside areas in which the Commission has demonstrated expertise, or if the institution lacks appropriate standards for meaningful review.

The Institution:

Maintains a minimum requirement for general education for all of its educational programs whether through a traditional practice of distributed curricula or through integrated, interdisciplinary, non-traditional or other accepted models that demonstrate a minimum requirement equivalency.

The Institution conforms to commonly accepted minimum program length: 60 semester credits for associate’s degrees, 120 semester credits for bachelor’s degrees, 36 semester credits beyond the bachelor’s for master’s degrees, and 72 semester credits beyond the master’s degree for the Doctoral Degree.

2021 Dues and Fee Schedule

Application Fee $100.00
Processing $500.00
Assessment $3,500.00
Readiness Review - Onsite $1,000.00
Student Enrollment Fee $500.00

Institutions are also responsible for reimbursement to the Association of expenses incurred by the visiting evaluators for each visit.

Accredited Institutional Membership Dues for 2021 - 2022

1 – 199
Registered Students
200 – 399
Registered Students
$1,000.00 (each member)
400 – 599
Registered Students
600 – 799
Registered Students
800 – 999
Registered Students
Registered Students